Guide on how your business can benefit from Oracle Value Chain Optimization & Planning Solutions

Oracle value chain planning is a boon for the businesses. It helps the companies to optimize every single aspect related to their business. Oracle value chain optimization and planning solutions help the companies to fix every single problem saving a lot of time and money.

It aids various procedures like profitability shaping, demand sensing, comprehensive trade management, risk management in supply chain, multi-enterprise planning, sales, operations, and integrated business planning, as well as integrated order orchestration. With these extensive features, no doubt, every company can derive the maximum amount of benefit by implementing Oracle Value Chain Optimization and Planning Solutions.

Benefits of Oracle Value Chain Optimization and Planning Solutions

  • It helps you to align demand and supply, thereby helping to gain a grip on your corporate aims.
  • It helps in demand sensing as well as shaping to boost revenue growth.
  • It enhances quickness as well as responsiveness to the various events related to the supply chain.
  • It helps in advance supply chain planning.
  • It helps in optimum production scheduling and much more.

Here is how your business can garner benefit from Oracle Value Chain Optimization & Planning Solutions:

Advanced Planning Command Center

The Advanced Planning Command Center offers your business an all-inclusive solution delivering analysis of tactical, strategic, and operational supply chain arrangements, automated process execution powers, and scenario modeling as well as management solutions. With the Oracle Advance Planning Command Center, you get the supply chain performance metrics, access to all the essential data, and procedures to equivocate different business plans. All these things contribute towards enhancing the process of making apt supply chain decisions.

Your business will get numerous advantages like performance indicators, pre-built dashboards, facts, reports, alerts, and many other supply chain decision support tools.

Collaborative Planning

The Oracle Collaborative Planning tool facilitates safe and secure collaboration with the trading partners and brings down the planning cycle times. It will help your business to figure out the supply chain expectation and react to it as soon as possible to benefit your business. It helps you to undertake multi-enterprise planning.

This tool will help to enhance forecast accuracy, execute vendor managed as well as consigned inventory procedures, lessen supply shortages, enhance global supply visibility, and lessen expediting costs.

With the collaborative planning tool, you would be able to swiftly consolidate cross-enterprise planning as well as operations.

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Large-scale businesses often face a lot of difficulties in carrying out material and capacity planning throughout numerous distribution as well as manufacturing facilities. The Advanced Supply Chain Planning facilitates planning not just across different facilities, but also across different time zones. Using this tool, you can manage the latest forecast, production status, sales orders, inventory recommendations, and purchase orders.

Advanced Supply Chain Planning offers optimum solution for your business to cope with the continuously changing business scenes.

Demand Signal Repository

If you run a demand-driven business organization, you might come across a need for precise retail execution. Oracle demand signal repository offers you a more up-to-date IT environment. It influences the external data demand to curtailed out-of-stock parts. Also, it upgrades execution of promotion as well as new product additions.

Demand Signal Repository provides assimilation with Oracle Demantra solutions. The demand signal repository along with Oracle Demantra solution influence external data in order to enhance the precision in the estimation of product demand. The tool also helps in improving the sales and operation planning (S&OP) to live up to operating restraint and budgets at better profits.

Demand Management

Oracle Demand Management plays a major role in maximizing the profitability of your business. It helps in optimum demand planning and forecasting. It enhances your capability to recognize, shape, and acknowledge the demand. It helps you to increase the profitability of your business. Your business will get an advanced service level and sale, lower inventory and distribution cost, and satisfied customers.

Global Order Promising

The Oracle Global Order Promising helps you to make apt and swift delivery promises to your customers. The order promising capabilities encompass vigorous support for scattered global order promising as well as multi-level supply chain ATP (Available to Promise), CTP (Capable to Promise), and CTD (Capable to Deliver) Fast. Oracle Global Order Promising does exactly the same to benefit your business.  It merges the supply and demand information from various transaction systems and offers you an upgraded demand and supply global map. It can be easily accessed from various capture systems or order entry systems.

Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization

The Oracle Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization helps your business with vigorous trade promotions, sales forecasting, account planning, and promotion development efficiency. This excellent Oracle feature is fabricated on an analytics platform to counter the transactional as well as strategic trade challenges like on-shelf availability, promotion potency, cumulative lift calculations, baseline forecasting as well as customer profitability.

Inventory Planning and Optimization

The biggest challenge faced by any small-scale or large-scale business is in the area of inventory planning and optimization. The ever-rising competition and outsourcing, limited product life as well as demand make it very difficult to lay out inventory policies for the businesses. It becomes very difficult to understand how much and where to stock.

Here, Oracle Inventory planning and optimization comes into the picture. It helps you to balance the revenues, customer service levels, inventory budgets, and cost. It helps you to make a fruitful inventory strategy to benefit your business to the core.

Rapid Planning

Today, planning tools are the need of the hour for every business given the quickly-changing supply chains that lead to issues encompassing quality issues, product line breakdown, and supplier yield busts.

Oracle Rapid Planning helps the businesses to tackle these issues. It offers a swift planning engine to the businesses combined with swift mass data editing and a robust user experience to quickly fix change impact sans the need for ERP or daily planning.

Oracle Rapid planning offers you embedded analytics, an easy-to-use spreadsheet-style interface, and exception management to rapidly plan, take a decision, and execute the plan. Rapid Planning can be arranged with the ERP and existing planning to garner more benefits.

Production Scheduling

Production scheduling is another area where problems crop up abruptly to hinder the business processes. Oracle Production Scheduling helps in keeping those problems at bay and ensures swift business processes.

Oracle Production Scheduling gives you a proper control over production scheduling. It helps you to revise resource investments and widens shop floor. The tool helps in optimizing critical resource usage and calculating feasible schedules. It also helps you to figure out the best schedule for you to meet all your objectives.

Also, the Oracle E-Business Suite helps you to optimize creative integration to draw immediate returns on your investments.

Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning

Oracle Real-time Sales and Operations Planning extends demand-driven adaptive planning across your organization. This tool allows you to implement a comprehensive sales and operations planning process, balancing supply and demand around a one-number forecast to drive operational excellence and achieve profitability.

Real time sales

Strategic Network Optimization

With this tool, you would be able to design the supply chain with umpteen quickness. To stand tall in today’s cut-throat competitive environment is something that every business wants to achieve. To do this, a business needs to be very agile and strategic. Oracle Strategic Network Optimization helps your business to achieve great heights.

It helps you to cut down supply chain costs, manage the risks associated with the supply chain, enhances profit, counterfeit ever-changing business conditions. It enables creative integration.

Service Parts Planning

Oracle Service Parts Planning helps you to manage the complex after sales services supply chains, enhance part availability as well as customer satisfaction.

Service Parts Planning is basically a part of Oracle’s Service Management Solution. This tool helps you to transform the after sales services as well as support operations from the cost center to the key profit center. This offers great strategic benefits to the business.

Oracle Service Parts Planning brings in use a single Service Planner Workbench that helps in forecast analysis and releases the implementation plans. This helps you to manage the challenges that come up in the supply chain. Also, you get the apt statics that is needed to upgrade forecast accuracy and to calculate optimal inventory.

Value Chain Planning In-Memory Applications

Oracle Value Chain Planning works as a boon for businesses. It offers advanced visualization, scalability, and fast speed to accelerate customer enterprise-wide planning of enormous data volumes. It also reduces the planning cycle times and stock-outs lower supply chain costs. It helps you to make sensible decisions to support your business. The Oracle Value Chain Planning In-Memory Applications help you to derive maximum benefits from the Oracle Products.

All these features offered by Oracle Value Chain Optimisation & Planning Solutions contribute towards lifting your business by leaps and bounds.

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