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We, at Gazelle Information Technologies, are constantly striving hard to venture into IoT products and services.

We have had successful experience in understanding use cases and developing possible solutions leveraging IoT and related technologies.

From working on generating water from the atmosphere (Atmospheric Water Generator) to measuring water levels in water bodies, our IoT Applications and related projects have yielded positive results.


LORA Based devices

Garbage collection by Lora tech

Smart Garbage Bins

The Internet of Things (IoT) shall be able to incorporate seamlessly & transparently with multiple systems, while providing data for millions of people to use and capitalize. It is a very complex task to build a general architecture for the IoT , mainly because of the extremely large and different types of devices, services and link layer technologies that may be involved in such a system.

One of the main and growing concerns with our environment is solid waste management which is increasingly impacting the health and environment of our society. The detection, monitoring & management of wastes is becoming one of the primary problems. Traditional ways and techniques of manually monitoring the wastes in waste bins is becoming a cumbersome process and utilizes more human effort, time and cost which can easily be avoided with our present technologies.

So, this is our solution, an effective method which helps in automating waste management. This is our IoT Garbage Monitoring system, an innovative and a reliable way that will help to keep the cities clean and healthy.


Other Products

Our team have been associating the Internet of Things (IoT) technology specifically with smart homes, smart cities, water management systems as well as traffic management systems where they would control the way traffic lights, doors and other lights would work.

Freshness Monitoring

monitoring & assessing fruit freshness in IOT-based e-commerce delivery using scenario analysis and interval number approaches.

Humidity Sensors

to detect potential problem like frozen pipes, broken freezers, malfunctioning A.C. , humidity detection in crawl spaces and much more.

Temperature Sensors

Helping with IoT temperature sensor for connected hardware applications.

Water Flow Management

with IoT we help by enabling smart water sensor that can track quality, pressure, and temperature of water.

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