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Why Digital Analytics?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”

John Wanamaker, Pioneer in Marketing

Well, we can agree to disagree since Digital Analytics is at our disposal. It helps us not to stop shooting in the dark and make more sense of our Consumer, Marketing, and Brand.

Our Marketing, Customer and Brand Assumptions are tested and streamlined.

This helps to do the following:

  • Streamline our Sales Operations by better Lead Insights
  • Product/Service Trend Analysis
  • Edge out competition by responding to consumer quickly and pro-actively
  • Making our Brand more responsive to our consumer demands
Digital Marketing

Need help in leveraging Digital Analytics?

Different Modules in Digital Analytics?

Planning ModuleTo streamline product/service w.r.t to Consumer

  • Consumer Intent Analysis
  • Product/Service Trend Analysis
  • AI for product sentiment
Planning module
Conversion Module

Conversion ModuleTo increase prospect – customer ratio

  • Customer Behaviour Analysis
  • Web Asset Analysis and Optimisation
  • Customer Experience Optimisation

Engagement ModuleTo nurture existing Customers and increase their Life Time Value

  • Engaged Customers Sniper Analysis
  • Engagement Opportunity Development
  • Customer Experience Optimisation
Engagement Module
Brand Management

Brand Management ModuleTo have a robust Brand Reputation Management

  • Capturing Brand/Product Mentions
  • Create Brand Response Mechanism

Predictive Analysis ModuleTo edge out competition by being pro-active

  • Modelling Customer Behaviour
  • Qualification of Leads
  • Product and Services Planning
  • Predictive Lifetime Value
  • RC-RT-RC : Right Content – Right Customers – Right Time
  • Marketing Strategies on Predictive Analysis
  • Trade Promotion Effectiveness
Predictive Analysis Module

Need help in leveraging Digital Analytics?

How we can digitally transform your company:

Step 1:

 Set clear expectation and goals from the Top Management for every module

Step 2:

Collate data and set tracking for respective modules

Step 3:

 Analyze Data to suggest the recommendation

Step 4:

Help the Team to execute and implement recommendations

Need help in leveraging Digital Analytics?