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With GST set to be rolled out in July. It has become essential for your business to understand the various aspects of GST. Also the time has come that you start evaluating how GST will be implemented in your business without hampering the critical systems and functions.

We at Gazelle, understand that your business needs to be up and running seemlessly in post GST Regime. Hence we have set the ball rolling by decoding all the aspects and coming up  with our GST Implementation Services and solutions. We also have developed a software that integrates your business with governments GSTN Portal

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advantages of the service

  • GST Impact Analysis: Understand how GST will impact your business and affect various business processes
  • GST Implementation: Understand how to implement GST in your business. Decode how processes will change Post GST
  • GST Migration: Understand how your current systems have to be migrated in the new GST Regime and how to migrate them
  • Integration to GSTN Portal: Integrate all your current systems seamlessly with GSTN Portal to enable smooth GST Transition

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GST: Plan your Future Tax Journey Now!
by CEO Kirit Goyal and Arvind Kumar

who needs it

Business paying indirect taxes (VAT/SERVICE Tax)

Business with good volume of invoices

Business with ERP Systems

Business automating GST transition

Business unaware about impact of GST on Business

Business looking for large scale GST transition

Looking for a First-Class Supply Chain Consultant?

our approach

We have come up with full ambit of solutions to make sure that your GST Transition is effective and efficient. We want you to fully leverage the benefits that are offered by GST and hence improve your business’ efficiency


Impact analysis on Supply Chain


System Re-configuration


Upgradation and Data Preparation


Consulting and Project Management


GSTN Integration for Returns


Vendor followups for GST

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