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To deal with the challenges of today’s global economy, companies need to transform their supply chains into information-driven value chains. Successful planning relies on the speed of decision making and continuous monitoring of the impact of those decisions at all levels in the organisation.

Oracle Value Chain Planning enables best in class processes such as demand sensing, shaping for profitability, fast event-driven scenario simulation, supply chain risk management, sales and operations and integrated business planning, comprehensive trade management, integrated order orchestration and promising, and multi-enterprise planning and collaboration.

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advantages of the service

  • Efficiently design, plan, and service their value chains from factory to shelf
  • Enables you to start with any product and expand to other areas at any point in time
  • Better anticipate and plan demand and meet consumer expectations, balance trade spend
  • Share unified supply chain planning information across the enterprise to make informed decisions faster

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oracle value chain optimization & planning solutions

Oracle’s Demantra is a best-in-class provider of demand management, sales & operations planning, and trade promotions management solutions. Is your company trying to be more demand driven? Do you need to increase your forecast accuracy or quickly converge on a consensus forecast to drive your supply chain planning processes? Do you need to improve your management of product lifecycles, promotions, and other events? Oracle® Demantra Demand Management enables you to sense demand real time, improve forecast accuracy, and shape demand for profitability. The result is a demand-driven organisation with higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers,  and lower inventory and distribution costs.



  • Demantra Demand Management solution lets you sense, plan for, and proactively respond to demand by sharing a one-number plan that aligns your organisation across departments and users.
  • Demantra Demand Management allows you to model new products based on the lifecycle of existing products, or you can model new products or versions that supersede existing products.
  • Demantra Real-time Sales & Operations Planning gives planners and managers the information and planning tools they need to take command of day-to-day planning processes.
  • Demantra Real-time Sales & Operations Planning provides the foundation for a responsive sales and operation planning process that enables the current and emerging best practices in adaptive demand-driven planning.
  • Demantra Predictive Trade Planning gives you unparalleled accuracy and sophistication in volume forecasting, pre-event simulation, and post-event evaluation, all at account managers’ fingertips.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) is a comprehensive, Internet-based planning solution that decides when and where supplies  (for example, inventory, purchase orders and work orders) should be deployed within an extended supply chain. This is the supply planning function.  Oracle ASCP addresses the following key supply planning issues:

  • How do I plan my supply chain in the least amount of time possible?
  • How do I minimise the number of plans and iterations?
  • How do I plan my entire supply chain?
  • How do I involve my trading partners?
  • How can I access my plan from anywhere?
  • How do I keep improving my plans?
  • How can I plan all manufacturing methods?

Do you need to know what impact changing costs have on your sourcing strategy? Do you need to know what the real total cost of outsourcing is,  including the impact on working capital and cash flow? Can you assess the impact of mergers and acquisitions on your supply network and capital asset budget? Do you need to know how you could react to a disruption in supply due to unforeseen events? Should you multi-source? What are the most profitable channels or products to invest in?

Oracle Strategic Network Optimization enables you to design your entire supply network with agility in mind. Today’s rapidly changing global economics require you to be more responsive and the need to evaluate your supply network design more often is essential to enable your company to compete successfully. Not only do you need to design a more agile supply network, you also need to consider your hedge strategies in your design and be able to simulate the outcome of unpredictable events on your supply network flow.

Do you know what the most profitable balance is among customer service levels, budgets, and inventory cost? Do you know how much inventory to hold  where and over which time period? Are you able to account for your supply chain variability when determining your time phased safety stocks? Oracle® Inventory Optimization considers the demand, supply, constraints, and variability in your extended supply chain to optimize your inventory investment decisions. It enables you to provide higher service levels to your customers at significantly lower cost by applying inventory postponement recommendations, while simultaneously weighing the impacts on revenue, budgets, inventory policies, and sourcing

Today’s tough economic conditions, characterized by increased competition, short product life cycles, increased outsourcing, and increased demand uncertainty, make it more challenging to manage your inventory policies and decide where exactly to hold how much inventory. By taking into account the supply, demand, and lead time variability of your entire supply chain, Oracle Inventory Optimization enables you to more cost effectively balance revenue, cost, customer service levels, and inventory budgets while determining your inventory postponement strategy. Oracle Inventory Optimization leverages cutting-edge stochastic optimization and risk pooling techniques to determine the most optimal solution, yet it was designed For Planners Not Programmers, empowering your inventory analysts and planners to make decisions  intuitively and quickly.

Do you have access to critical supply chain performance metrics that drive  your business decisions? Do you have real-time access to the related data that resides in your detailed planning applications? Do you need a more systemic process for simulating alternative business scenarios to make holistic supply chain decisions? Oracle® Advanced Planning Command Center offers key supply chain decision makers a comprehensive solution that provides executives and planners multi-dimensional analysis of operational, tactical, and strategic supply chain plans, robust scenario modeling and management, and automated business process execution capabilities.

Key decision makers often rely on spreadsheets, e-mail, and summary level presentations to brief executives or to monitor the health of their supply chain. This information is typically derived from the existing planning systems with a certain amount of latency because it takes time to transform detailed planning data into actionable corporate metrics. Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center solves this problem by providing a comprehensive solution that provides robust scenario management, out-of the-box analytics to quickly assess the business impact of scenarios, and process automation capabilities that enable you to streamline your planning processes.

Do you want to reduce your supply chain planning cycle times and inventory levels? Do you want to automate your inventory replenishment? Do you know how a sudden reduction of supplier capacity impacts your customers’ demand? Do you know how a change in customers’ demand impacts your  downstream suppliers? Oracle® Collaborative Planning is an Internet-based collaboration solution that rapidly and significantly improves supply chain performance by providing advanced capabilities for collaborative demand, supply, and inventory planning across your virtual supply chain.

Today’s collaborative planning processes are often a collection of multiple disconnected processes. In most cases, limited collaboration with customers leads to low forecast accuracy; low visibility to customer forecasts and supplier commits leads to holding too much ‘just in case’ inventory, increasing inventory costs; 2nd-tier suppliers that deliver key components have no means to interact directly with you; and, indirect costs are high because of extensive expediting and inefficient communication. The entire process has little collaboration, requires multiple steps, and takes a long time. Oracle provides a better way to planning: a collaborative, holistic, e-business planning process that enables you to include all your trading partners, reduce the number of steps, and identify and react quickly to supply chain exceptions.

Does it take you too long to respond to critical business questions or events that occur throughout the day? For example, do you need to quickly respond to changing supply chain conditions? Can you respond to a request for a large important customer order instantly? Can you assess the impact of an unexpected reduction of supply to your customer demand before it becomes reality? Can you calculate the impact of an engineering change or production shortfall on your service levels? Oracle® Rapid Planning enables you to dramatically reduce your decision making time through real-time event driven planning and simulation.

Today’s dynamic and rapidly changing supply chain conditions require planning tools that quickly react to unexpected events such as a new ‘hot demand’ from an important customer, a product quality issue that needs to be addressed, a supplier yield bust, or a sudden product line breakdown. Oracle Rapid Planning leverages a fast, incremental planning engine combined with mass editing of source and planning data capability and a powerful productivity-enhancing user interface to instantly assess the impacts of business changes without having to wait for your daily tactical plans to complete and your ERP to catch up.

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Business failing to manage Trade Finances

Business with High Inventory Costs

Business with multi channel distribution

Business with high Supply Chain Cost

Business which suffers from supplier variation

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We focus on solving critical business challenges that cross functional domains and provide the highest value for our clients. We bring industry-specific experience and proven solutions to help our clients solve problems and build an effective, responsive supply chain.

Our Oracle Value Chain Planning is built on a common foundation that leverages pre-built integration with both Oracle (E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne) and non-Oracle systems and can be deployed in a modular approach to save time and cost.


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