gst - plan your future tax journey now !

  • Do you know that the Goods & Services Tax (GST) can help you reduce your supply chain costs by 30%!
  • Do you know what changes your IT systems will need to undergo after GST is implemented?
  • Do you know how your industry would be affected by GST?
  • Do you know what points you will have to lobby with the GST council, till the creases in the new regime ironed out?
  • Even if you know all the above, do you know how to achieve them practically?
  • It’s a step by step procedure of what and how you can reduce your supply chain costs, change IT systems, understand the changes to your industry and then work with the authorities.
  • Written in simple format, easy to understand by professionals and laymen alike.
  • The methods suggested have actually been used by organizations to improve efficiency.
  • The book brings the experience of many years of formulation of GST policy and supply chain optimization together, presented to the user in a ready to use format.

why buy this book

  • To understand the Impact of GST on your Business
  • To find which business areas require immediate attention to be GST Ready
  • To execute your GST shift of Systems and Processes step by step
  • With Case Study on how to make business decisions in GST Regime

authors of the book

kirit goyal

  • Mr. Kirit Goyal is the founder of Gazelle Information Technologies.
  • His experience in ERP with specific interest in supply chain optimization, in countries like Australia, Singapore, Canada, where GST is already implemented gave him a good background of how taxation affects supply chain design.
  • In India, he helped an American Tyre company redesign their supply chain with the impending GST in 2010. Subsequently he worked with other large auto ancillaries in this field

arvind kumar

  • Mr Arvind Kumar, an IAS Officer presently serving Govt of India in the Ministry of Heavy Industries.
  • With Masters in Economics, MBA (Marketing) & LLB he is completing his Ph.D in topic of GST and its Impact of Trade logistics.
  • In past, working in Ministry of Finance had initiated the first file on GST which led to announcement of rollout of GST in India.
  • He has dealt with GST on all its aspects and is fully aware of intent & objectives of all aspects of GST.

book reviews

Kirit Goyal and Arvind Kumar have done an excellent job of bringing the practical side of GST and its implementation in India.

Arvind Kumar being from policy side and Kirit Goyal being from practical supply chain side, laid down beautifully, the impact of GST on Supply Chain segment.

I have recommended the book to my colleague as well. A must read for GST enthusiasts and finance professionals.

Pros: A precise way to understand GST and its implications

Practically Written! Connected to ground realities! I personally recommend this for all taxation, finance and supply chain professionals.

GST being at such a nascent stage, it is commendable to deal with this subject so aptly and bring justice to the topic i.e. Planning Our Tax Journey for GST.

Both Kirit and Arvind have made sure that even a layman like me understand the book.

It was refreshing to understand the policy angle of GST as mentioned in this book.

However I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to get deeper into the topic of GST.

I don’t know. But I have never been comfortable writing reviews on Amazon. But this book made me overcome my inhibition. Source of practical knowledge on GST from both policy and practical side.

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