Guide to Supply Chain Management Softwares

The supply chain management Software or SCMS have become the need of the hour. Basically, they are the software modules or tools that help in the smooth execution of supply chain transactions, management of supplier relationships as well as supervising the associated business procedures.

Given the complexity of supply chain management today, it has become practically impossible to manage things manually. Supply chain Software are no less than the knights in the shining armour for small-scale and large-scale businesses and other industries. With the broad functionality that the supply chain Software offer, many industries are dependent on them. The components of supply chain Software include:

  • Customer requirement processing
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase order processing
  • Supplier Management/Sourcing
  • Goods receipt and Warehouse management
  • Sales and Distribution

The use of supply chain Software simplifies supply chain management to a great extent. The workforce management all over the supply chain include,

  • Omni-channel fulfilment
  • RFID
  • Supply Chain Management systems
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
  • Customer Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Cloud Solutions
  • Trading Partners Interface (TPI-Retail Value Chain Federation)
  • Transportation’s Yard Management Systems (YMS) that helps in managing and tracking freight in the 3PL’s yard outside the warehouse dock doors
  • Transportation Management System (TMS), GPS for tracking freight, and other technologies that contribute towards consolidating the supply chain and enhancing the communication with the customer

You must take a look at the various kinds of Software that serve the supply chain management at various levels:

Software for Network Optimisation

The modern supply chains are scattered across various market segments. The network goes across continents. This becomes very important to manage the vast network.

There are several Software that help in optimizing the network. The network design and optimization Software help the companies to fabricate models that are absolutely error-free. The end-to-end operations created with the help of the Software shrink the susceptibility of any risk. They help in enhancing the cost, performance, sustainability, and service.

With these Software, managing extended networks becomes a cakewalk.

Software for Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) is an important parameter that could determine the success or failure of any business. Thus, it is very important to incorporate the most superlative sales and operations planning techniques. The best you can do for your business is to invest in the best software for sales and operations planning to manage risks and prolong profitability.

There are various sales and operations planning Software that centralize sales, production, marketing, finance, and transportation as well as procurement. The single platform for sales and operations planning is not just a time-saving tool, but also ameliorates decision-making. You can streamline the entire planning cycle in moments.

Software for Transportation Optimization

Another complexity associated with the modern supply chain is transportation network. It is substantial to get transportation optimization Software on place before you get your hands into the entanglement of supply chain.

The transportation optimisation and planning Software help in proper planning of transportation logistics encompassing the best strategies. They aids superior transportation policies. They also help in risk assessment, altering logistics, estimating fleet size, offering accurate transportation data, and evaluating vehicle utilization rates.

Transport optimisation Software help in selecting best shipping policies, transportation budgeting, transportation capacity planning, selecting transport means option, etc.

Software for Trade Planning

Software for trade planning help you to account as well as plan for an enterprise-wide demand. The Software help to synchronize enterprise-wide production and supply. The Software help the manufacturers to accumulate the total demand and strategize the production capacity. They allow you to determine the supplies that are needed to placate the demand. They centralize the sales, inventory, production, and purchasing details.

The Software also drive the companies towards enhancing their responsiveness to the market. They enhance their visibility into accumulated demand and reduce inventory level. Taking help from the Software help the manufacturers to enhance their customer services and offer on-time delivery performance. It enables optimizing the supply to meet the demand profitability.

There are ample of supply chain Software available today to support the supply chain at various levels. Here, we have compiled the list of the best supply chain Software belonging to each category mentioned above.

Best Supply Chain Software

  1. WISE Supply Chain Management Software

WISE Supply Chain Management Software is the best option for the companies that are seeking warehouse management solutions. The software was incepted in 1984 by a US-based company.

The software is a rules-based WMS system that can be configured according to the needs of the businesses. The user-friendly software is efficient to support various industries like automotive, industrial machinery, food & beverage, etc.

This software amazingly manages every single warehouse process in the most efficient manner. It optimizes the tasks, operations, cuts down the costs and enhances productivity. The functions include directed putaway, receiving, picking and slotting, ERP integration, cross-docking, etc. It also eases purchase order organization, ASNs, work order processing and warehouse transfers. It offers radio frequency as well as paper-based solutions standards. The software also offers transportation features.

It is available in multiple languages.

  1. Oracle SCM Cloud

Oracle SCM Cloud is one of the best supply chain Software. This software single-handedly manages the supply chain, distribution, manufacturing, inventory management, and fleet.

The users can make a detailed bill of the materials using the product development that is installed throughout the platform via the imbedded analytics as well as change control system. The users can determine the mode of manufacturing the items via a visual assembly user interface.

After creating the order, the price will be assigned by a dynamic pricing engine. The users will receive the alerts regarding low inventory and the delays in shipment. The social network of Oracle can be used to alert the planners regarding the same.

Inbound expected lines can be viewed, purchase orders can be selected, and receipts can be created by the warehouse operators with utmost ease. The production operators too can derive a lot of benefits from the software. They can use the scan-based lot as well as serialized assembly, resource exception and quick entry of material.

The software also backs shipping and invoicing.

  1. TECSYS EliteSeries Software

The software is bliss for mid-size as well as large distribution companies. It aids customer service, streamlines logistic operations and cuts-off the costs.

The software serves companies belonging to various sectors like healthcare, high-volume distribution industries, et al.

The TECSYS Warehouse Management System has a grip on logistics management. The software optimizes the entire warehouse execution procedure. The system is scalable and can serve any business according to the complexity, need, and size.

The visual cues make the work very easy for the users. The voice technology further eases out the task making it more accurate and efficient. The users can also track the warehouse performance against their competitors by using the executive dashboard with embedded metrics of Warehousing Education and Research Council.

The system also comes with embedded advanced transportation management as well as eases the other aspects of supply chain like distribution management, business intelligence, analytics, and delivery management.

  1. Infor Supply Chain Management Software

This software offers an end-to-end solution to optimize the supply chain. It strengthens every component of supply chain like forecast, planning, scheduling as well as execution. It allows the users to quickly gain the access to the data that further allows them to optimize the labour and resource utilization and helps them to enhance inventory and shipping operations. It also puts a full stop at all the communication issues among the suppliers, customers, and partners. It enables you to manage the supply chain operations across the globe.

The software helps the companies to stay updated with the chaining scenarios and demands of the industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, consumer goods, speciality chemicals, logistics providers, electronics, distribution, etc.

The indications of the software include supply planning, sales and operation, demand planning, strategic sourcing, manufacturing planning and scheduling, supplier management, logistics management, labour management, transportation management, 3PL Billing and invoicing, and procurement.

All these indications have resulted in a higher gross margin, higher customer retention, shorter cash-to-cycle times, less inventory and elevated revenue.

  1. StockIQ Software

Touted as the best supply chain software for 3PL’s and distributors of varied sizes, StockIQ can be found in cloud-based as well as on-premise categories. It offers best applications including demand planning, supply chain planning, supplier management, and procurement.

The demand forecasting algorithm offered by the software helps the users to breed forecasts for channels as well as individual customers. The software also adjusts delivery schedules for the suppliers, order cycle intervals and holidays. Purchase orders, work orders, and transfer orders can be easily developed using the software.

The promotion management module of the software helps in keeping an eye on the performance of sales and promotions. Inventory management helps in the identification of excess, supervise inventory turns, manage service level targets, regulate backorders, develop expiration forecast and record the performance of any new item.

  1. Blue Ridge Software

Blue Ridge is exceptional software that is a cloud-based SCM (supply chain management) and inventory planning software. Firms belonging to various industries trust this software for various needs like demand forecasting and planning, replenishment optimization, aggregate forecast, multi-echelon inventory optimization, allocation, supply planning, collaborative planning, supply chain analytics, and sales and operation planning.

The supply chain management offers demand projection directed by customer transaction analysis, predictive analytics, and pattern recognition. The users can easily streamline enormous volumes of items categorized across intersections like category, location, etc. They can also strategize inventory with the help of parameters like order minimums, supplier capacity, order schedules and location-specific inventory levels.

One noted feature of the software is that if in case the primary supplier fails to fulfill an order, the software robotizes ordering from multiple suppliers by sending RFQs to secondary suppliers.

  1. RELEX Solutions

REFLEX Solutions is the best SCM software for wholesalers, mid-size and large retailers. The supply chain management software helps in demand forecasting, replenishment, inventory planning, supply chain analytics and allocation.

With the software, the users can evaluate historical sales data throughout all the channels in various retail locations and use it to forecast demand and robotize allocation and replenishment orders. they can track the products selling at various locations and elucidate lost sales and promotions.

The automated replenishment feature of the software helps the logistics providers and suppliers to provide vendor-managed inventory services to their customers.

  1. Telogis Route Software

If transportation management is the biggest concern of any business, Telogis Route Software is the best answer. The software offers end-to-end transportation management solutions for the fleet-based firms, small or large. It enables job scheduling, a rules engine, and status tracking as well as repair centre management.

The system is forced by GPS that utilizes spatial clustering to offer all the details about the locations of the vehicles in the field. This enables viewing hundreds of vehicles in a single picture. The users can also zoom to a particular vehicle location. The software offers real-time access to all the important information pertaining to each and every vehicle. If any of the fleet members violates the customer business rules, the system notifies of it to the manager.

With the help of the software, the managers can keep a check on maintenance needs with ease. The software notifies about every single need like when a vehicle requires the oil change, etc. The managers can also track the speed limit violations using the software. This helps them to boost the efficiency of the fleet.

The software also alerts about the weather patterns that could cause delays. All these features make Telogis Route Software one of the best transport management Software.

  1. TMW Suite Software

Another software that curbs all the transportation based worries is TMW Suite Software. It offers end-to-end transportation management services to the users.

The cloud-based, as well as on-premise software, offers functions like order entry, dispatch, invoicing and settlement, rating, maintenance, real-time management reporting, and accounting.

The software offers order entry module that helps the users to document important information via a single screen. It also enables the fleet managers to calculate trip distance, estimated time of delivery, et al.

The report templates offered by the software help the users to fabricate reports according to the varied business needs. The software integrates with the 3rd-party applications.

The software is apt for asset-light, asset-based as well as freight brokerage transportation service providers.

  1. sourceit Software

sourceit Software is the best procurement quick fix for purchasing as well as managing marketing services. The sourcing module helps in automating the procedure of fabricating RFQs. After the RFQs reach the suppliers, the software utilizes the supplier KPIs (key performance indicators) to give away the job to the best suppliers. The jobs can be managed with the help of the milestones that are defined by the users for them.

The cloud-based software is one of the best SCM software on the list.

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