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Block Chain

Block Chain Technology is proving to be a game changer in Supply Chain Industry enabling real-time tracking. We help leverage this technology to Optimise your supply chain solutions ?   Check How


Leverage IoT for your products and services. Our solutions like generating water from the atmosphere, measuring water levels in water bodies and other IoT Applications are yielding positive results.  Check How


Looking for actionable insights to streamline your marketing, sales and strengthen your brand? Digital Analytics can help. We can help in understanding consumer, mapping your Web Assets & predictive analysis.   Check How

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Network Optimization enables you to design your entire supply network with agility in mind by delivering agile supply chain, hedge strategies and simulate unpredictable events!    Check How


In our enthusiasm to create an ecosystem of optimised supply chain and related activities, we train companies on the new processes and technologies evolving in Supply Chain Industry.    Check How


AI technology is unique in that it is flexible in application. We use Artificial Intelligence to improve processes, enhance interactions, and solve problems faced by our clients in their businesses.

Oracle ERP

We transform supply chains to information driven value chains.  Oracle Value Chain Planning is a complete planning solution that leverages pre-built integration with both Oracle and Non-Orcale systems.    Check How

Digital Transformation

It is the new face of changing and evolving industries. In the multiple ways, we help businesses in leveraging their digital technologies and move towards transforming traditional business processes!  Check How

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Saved Rs 125 Crores for yearly sourcing plan

Beer Sourcing plan with efficient Distribution process with Licensing policy of India, Savings Rs 125 Crores for yearly sourcing plan

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35% Reduction in Supply Chain Cost

Optimized the cost by reconfiguring secondary distribution network with affecting 35% Reduction in Farm & 17% Consumer PBUs

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4% Improvement with multi-million Rupees profits

Collated entire Manufacturing, Sourcing & Distribution costs & prepared a model with traning

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Hi Tech

Our solutions helps Hi-Tech industry to cope with intense competition, continuous product innovation and compliance adherence to do better.


We provide complete suite of business applications, server & storage solutions made to optimize every aspect of their business.


Many successful high technology Distributors run our applications to drive revenue growth, inventory velocity, and margin improvements.


We partner with Oracle to provide a complete and integrated set of solutions to meet the complex needs of consumer goods companies.

Heavy Industries

We help manufacturers to bring profitable products, take advantage of profitable service opportunities, and run optimised supply chains.


We help in improving customer satisfaction while increasing inventory performance, drive same store sales, and increase ROI on Capital.

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We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on delivery & results.

Our clients include many of the industry’s best-performing and most admired companies and industry organizations from diverse set of businesses and processes.

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    Supply Chain“Pro to Know Award” by S&DC Executive Magazine, USA

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    ISO 9001:2008

    Gazelle is ISO 9001:2008 Quality certified

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    In Top  100 Projects creating impact in worldwide supply chain

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Practical Demand Forecasting

Check how to reduce excess inventory and to reduce shadow demand with Practical Framework for Demand Forecasting.

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Block Chain Shipment Tracking

Check how Supply chain shipment tracking using ethereum blockchain based smart contracts is changing Supply Chain

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Impact of GST

Check how GST will impact the domestic industry with Case Study, Modelling and understanding various implications.

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IoT Products

We, at Gazelle Information Technologies, are constantly striving hard to venture into IoT products and services. We have had successful experience in understanding use cases and developing possible solutions leveraging IoT and related technologies.

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LookAhead is a holistic supply chain management product that combines Technology, People & Process. It Increases Productivity, Better Commercials, Review Invoices and Recover on Shorted Products.

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