Characteristic of an Oracle Technology Consultant

Oracle Technology has been a bargaining chip for many businesses related to various industries. With a potential of accelerating the supply chain, the companies never think twice before hiring an Oracle Technology Consultant.

But, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are many parameters to consider before hiring an Oracle Technology Consultant. Many companies hire an Oracle consultant but, could not get the desired high in the business. This is because they lay emphasis only on the technology and overlook the consultant offering the services. To garner success, it is important that you choose a culminating Oracle consultant who could help the business with his inputs.

Making a faulty choice in this respect can lead to a downfall. Delayed implementations, failed implementations, cost overruns, etc are some of the major issues that arise if the Oracle consultant is not well-versed and hence, it becomes a great concern to select an ace Oracle Technology Consultant.

To do make an apt choice, there are certain characteristics that you must look for in your potential Oracle Consultant.

Here is what you should look for in an Oracle technology consultant:

Knowledge and Past Record

To introduce you to new a new height, it is important that your consultant should have the knowledge of every aspect related to Oracle. There is no way you could ignore it. Knowledge is the first thing that you must look for.

Consider the expertise of the Oracle consulting team. And, how can you do that?

It’s easy. Check their track record and you would easily get to know if they are worth investing in.

Extracting the past records of an Oracle consulting firm is not a rocket science. Evaluate their past work and hire them only if you feel that they can pull-off the tasks allotted by you.

Evaluate their case studies and areas of specialization, their awards and certifications and their customer list. All these things will help you to zero-in on a perfect Oracle technology consultant who could help you to leverage your business.

Easy Solutions

The already complex business could reach a next level of complexity if you select a wrong Oracle solution for your firm.

A first-rate Oracle consulting service would always select an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain technology to benefit your firm. They fabricate easy solutions keeping in mind the tailored needs of your business.

Select an Oracle consulting service that creates an implementation plan that is easy-to-understand by you and your team.


It might take you months or years to reach your target but if have a superlative Oracle consulting team; you can get the desired results in a few weeks. They put a proper plan in action and keep the timelines in mind.

If you put an experienced and expert team to work, you will notice a progress within a few weeks.

End-to-End Solutions

The complexity of a business is unexplainable and with the introduction of latest technologies, the entire system has become a mosaic. Different aspects of the business are managed by different teams and hence, keeping a tab on every process becomes next to impossible. And, God forbid, if some issue crops up, it becomes difficult to understand whom to ask for help.

The only solution to this problem is to find an Oracle consultant who could offer you end-to-end solutions. The service should ensure total support in every aspect including planning and implementation as well as post-implementation management. The consultant is apt for you if it offers services like business process analysis, employee training, implementation, deployment, testing, upgrades, hosting, security, and monitoring and exception management.

To find an Oracle consultant who could take the entire load off your shoulder, you must look for the consultants who are a member of MSP program.

MSP program or Oracle’s Managed Services Provider program certifies the consultants, who could host, manage as well as secure the cloud workloads in the most efficient manner.

Not many Oracle consultants have this certificate. If you choose one who is certified, you could be able to garner success in your business.

The above-mentioned pointers will help you to tailor an efficient hunt for a good Oracle consulting service. If you know the criteria of selection, it would save a lot of time and energy.

Once, you prepare the list of the few potential Oracle Technology Services, you should:

Call them directly

Directly give a call to the potential service. This will help you to evaluate their responsiveness. You would also be able to assess their knowledge. Talk to them about the services that they offer and discuss your expectations.

If you have to go through numerous automated menu loops to reach to the company, this is a red alert. The company should be responsive and if it keeps you waiting, you must cut it off from your list.

Discuss their failures

Everyone happily speaks about their success stories but no one likes to discuss their failure especially when they are talking to their potential employer.

In any business, transparency is quintessential. If the potential consultant is hiding something from you, then you must not trust them.

Ask them about their failures and if you get to-the-point answers pertaining to the subject, you know it’s the right company.

This will also help you to assess how that Oracle consulting service handles failure. If the company had a record of past failure and bounced back to normalcy, this is a sign that they would be able to work under pressure conditions and would gracefully handle the negative situations.

Now that you know the correct procedure to look for a good Oracle technology Consulting service, you must not waste time.

Make a list based on the above-mentioned pointers and evaluate all your potential consultants based on the list. Keep all the characteristics in mind and choose the one, who could pull-off your business needs.

If you keep these above-mentioned points in mind, you would surely be able to get the best Oracle technology consulting service on board for your business.

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