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Block Chain

Block Chain Technology is proving to be a game changer in Supply Chain Industry enabling real-time tracking. We help leverage this technology to Optimise your supply chain solutions? Check How 

GST Implementation

Worried how to migrate your current systems and processes to GST regime. From GST impact to system re-configuration we can help you solve the GST mystery. Check How 

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Network Optimization enables you to design your entire supply network with agility in mind by delivering agile supply chain, hedge strategies and simulate unpredictable events!  Check How 

ERP Implementation
& Support

Looking for highest RoI on enterprise solutions, we can help!  We work with world’s largest enterprise solutions and services to help your business implement ERP’s. Check how we can help?  Check How 

Value Chain

We transform supply chains to information driven value chains.  Oracle Value Chain Planning is a complete planning solution that leverages pre-built integration with both Oracle and Non-Orcale systems.  Check How 


In our enthusiasm to create an ecosystem of optimised supply chain and related activities, we train companies on the new processes and technologies evolving in Supply Chain Industry  Check How 

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Using Block Chain Technology

Check how the new disruptive Block Chain Technology is going to be game changer in the world of Supply Chain

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Block Chain Shipment Tracking

Supply chain shipment tracking using ethereum blockchain based smart contracts

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Synergizing Supply Chain

Find out “7 Ways how Block Chain will synergize your Supply Chain” and make it more efficient

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Looking for a First-Class Supply Chain Consultant?

our approach

Gazelle understands that being a cost centre, managing supply chain can be difficult and often neglected. However, we look to decode business processes, leverage technology and create solutions that transform Supply Chain into potential topline contributor for businesses.

We understand that every business is different and focus extensively on understanding business dynamics to create specific solutions and help business to implement them.

  • Understand Business Processes
  • Decode Every Critical Step
  • List Business Challenges
  • Formulate Specific Solutions
  • Implement the Solutions
  • Train Client to those solutions

our expertise

Understanding Business Process 87%
Creating Value Chains 95%
Finding Solutions 100%
Delivering Results 90%

Looking for a First-Class Supply Chain Consultant?

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