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We, at Gazelle Information Technologies, are constantly striving hard to venture into IoT products and services.

We have had successful experience in understanding use cases and developing possible solutions leveraging IoT and related technologies.

From working on generating water from the atmosphere (Atmospheric Water Generator) to measuring water levels in water bodies, our IoT Applications and related projects have yielded positive results.

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advantages of our IoT Services

  • complete understanding of the use case and applications
  • significant reduction in costs, redundancy and errors by automation
  • great experience in developing sustainable social welfare solutions using IoT, giving us great exposure to various use cases
  • leveraging new cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain to develop IoT solutions and products

gazelle team expertise

Understanding Use Cases 85%
Creating Value Solutions 90%
Sustainable Solutions 100%
Precise Results 90%

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who needs it

Organisations with exposure to complex processes

Organisations where some processes are very critical

Organisations which require precise and quick exchange of information

Business not able to scale because of Process Complexity

Business which needs regular control of quality and delivery

Business which exchanges sensitive information quickly and frequently

Looking to develop an IoT Solution?

our approach

Complex business/organisation processes are difficult to control and check.

Moreover, it is very difficult to identify the critical points of interaction of various stakeholders in the above critical and complex processes.

Our IoT solutions are built on a single principle of simplifying the complexity of processes while keeping the control of quality in mind. However, we do ensure that most of our solutions are sustainable in nature. Check our process!


Decode Process Requirements


Find Process Challenges


Map Information Exchange


Conduct What if Scenario


Develop the solution


Implement and Train Resources

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