Top 7 Supply Chain Consultants of India.

Supply Chain Management has become a dire need for the companies who want to make a mark in the world. Supply chain management helps the companies to bring their more efficient self forward and reach the sky height.

The business world today is no less than a battlefield where different companies try to fight and gain the top spot. But, various shortcomings in the business strategies keep them away from their desired success. They, therefore, hire experts to handle various sections of their business. Supply Chain Management being an essential aspect of any business also demands expert attention. The companies hence, look for the best supply chain guru to help them deal with all the supply chain issues. The supply chain expert goes extra miles to give the apt supply chain consultation to their clients. Here are the seven leading names in this respect.

These 7 supply chain consultants put their expertise to good use and bring out the best supply chain management solutions for the clients. They have a big clientele which they have garnered by offering their valuable services in various industries and sectors. The companies mentioned below excel in their SCM services. They have an expert team comprising many supply chain consulting experts. Their team is fully dedicated in offering SCM solutions.

Presenting you the top 7 supply chain consultants of India:

ACG Infotech Limited

ACG Infotech Limited is one of the best firms that offer the best supply chain consultancy. This supply chain company, headquartered in New Delhi, was established in the year 1993.

This firm has gained a good reputation among the clients for offering the best IT solutions. ACG Infotech has an expertise in managing the processes like SCM (Supply Chain Management), online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), cloud- based ERP, on- demand ERP, CRM software and more. This company has been serving many national as well as international clients belonging to various sectors.

Alfa Supply Chain Solutions Private Limited

Based in Maharashtra, this company brings the best supply chain solutions to the clients. It is touted among the best supply chain strategy consulting firms in India. This firm works under different areas including IT, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, project logistic, custom clearance and more.

Since its inception in 2009, Alfa Supply Chain Solutions Private Limited has been catering to the tailored demands of its clients. The company harbors many leading techies and supply chain expert that put their best foot forward in fetching the best solutions for the clients.

Ailment Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ailment Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. houses many supply chain consulting experts. It is one of the most promising and reliable Information Technology companies that offers the best SCM solutions.

The supply chain firm was formed in Bangalore in the year 1987. It offers end- to- end solutions to the clients. This IT firm offers solutions in the areas including manufacturing, sales & distribution, banking, supply chain management, travel industry, HR and many more.

Gazelle Technologies Private Limited

Gazelle Technologies Private Limited is one of the leading supply chain companies in India. Established in 2009 by seasoned supply chain consultants Kirit Goyal and Utpal Dutt, Gazelle is the winner of Supply Chain Pro to Know Award for the year 2014.

This company brings in use the most advanced and coming of age technologies to give the best supply chain services to various industries. It is a services provider and supplier that has the best to offer to the clients to survive in today’s cut throat competitive business scenarios. They have demonstrated results which have resulted in savings of Multi Millions in Cost to Clients.

Omniscient Computer Consultants

Founded in 1985 in New Delhi, Omniscient Computer Consultants is one of the best supply chain companies in India. It founded by Rajesh Pandey. The company offers complete IT solution to the clients. It offers commendable services to the clients like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relation Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management). This company is touted among the best companies when it comes to supply chain strategy consulting.

The biggest high came to Omniscient Computer Consultants in the form of LOGOPS. LOGOPS is software developed by Omniscient Computer Consultants for International Freight Forwarders. It offers accurate system that is integrated with finance as well as accounting systems. After this inception, this company became a household name. Today, this company is touted amongst the best companies in the country.


Snyxius was founded in the year 2009 by Sagar Babber in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company is like a one stop shop for the people who want optimal supply chain consulting. Snyxius never fails to give the best supply chain management solutions to the clients who lay their faith in this firm.

This company was formed in order to help small as well as large businesses to cope in the strict business environment by increasing their efficiency and offering other services to the clients.

This company offers a wide range of services that include ERP, Custom Enterprise Application, HRMS solutions, Salesforce solutions, CRM solutions and supply chain management solutions.

The supply chain management services offered by Snyxius helps the clients to keep a tab on the different stages involved in supply chain like derivation of raw materials, manufacture of the products, quality of the raw material as well as the end product, packaging of the product and delivery.

Value Chain Solutions

Value Chain Solution is the brainchild of Kamal Deep Singh who formed this company in 2006. It is by his persistent efforts and hard work that today, this company has gained a spot in the list of the best supply chain companies in India.

Value Chain Solutions serves the best supply chain as well as sales & marketing solutions to the clients. The other services offered by Value Chain Solutions include online optimization, optimization model building, SCOR implementation and more.

This Ahmadabad based firm offers the most advanced and coming of age supply chain consulting services. This company has also won the Best Supply Chain Consultant of the Year 2013” at Asia’s biggest Logistic and supply chain conclave at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The firm is still moving in the direction of success keeping the motive of offering the best IT solutions to the customers.

All the seven firms mentioned in this piece of information are no short of the best in their field. They put forward the best supply chain management solutions for the clients that help them to face the competition and become better in every way.

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